Resident questions how county officials are spending tax dollars


To the Editor:

The infamous public safety center, as promised by our commissioners, would be built for $8 million. Actual cost was nearly $13 million. Of that figure, $500,000 was gifted to the Colorado State Patrol in the form of a prepaid phone card. Another $369,000 for microwave equipment was deeded to the state of Colorado by virtue of a BOCC resolution. An additional $700,000 was committed to NC-Telecom on the pretext of prepaid telecommunication services for Moffat County. About $467,000 of that NCT money was put in escrow in March of 2002, where it may reside until 2011. Taxpayers have yet to receive any services to offset the $700,000 prepaid account.

About the same time as the PSC debacle, the Youth Care Center was being promoted as a "delinquents for profit" scheme. That venture cost the taxpayers about $2.5 million.

And then we have the Moffat County Fuel and Fire Management Plan. This plan cost a mere $340,000 but, put Moffat County on the "Cutting Edge" of fire management. Small matter that the Sheriff still has the first and last call on management of any fire.

Last but not least, look at the sales tax collected by virtue of Referendum 1A, money dedicated to Capital Projects. Our elected officials have circumvented about $1.2 million of that money to buy, among other things, cheese sandwiches for inmates of the Jail. That money was intended to retire the debt on the PSC. Folks, that is tantamount to your landlord stealing your mortgage payment. And now, the BOCC want a $3.5 million refinance (deferment) of the original notes so that they can steal more of the Ref 1A revenue.

Our commissioners say they realized our terrible financial condition after the audit was presented last August. Duh!! The audit was for 2002. So, nobody was watching the store for eight months?

Sure am glad I won't need a Purchase Order to forward this message.

RaftoNOmics doesn't seem to be working!!

Stan Hathhorn,


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