Part of the problem, part of the solution


It's easy to point fingers and cast blame over the current budget problems the county is facing.

But it's much harder to come up with solutions.

The Moffat County Commission is faced with the challenge of cutting hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to balance this year's budget.

In the past weeks we have received a number of letters scolding the commissioners for allowing this financial situation to occur. Should they have to answer to the public? Certainly. But constant criticism is hardly constructive unless there are some solutions offered as well.

Those of you who take the time to rehash the situations that led to the budget mess we're in now should take the same amount of time to come up with some possible and feasible solutions. If you are that interested, attend the county commission meetings and if you can't make the meetings then review the minutes of the meetings to learn more about the options the commissioners are facing as they decide what and where to cut.

Constant negative criticism ultimately ends up being a waste of energy on everyone's part.

It is only when we agree to come together and work on solutions that we make any real progress.

We can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

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