Getting it write

Elementary school students show off literary talents


As of Thursday evening, at least 50 authors and illustrators live in Craig.

"Naturally Beautiful," a compilation of stories by first through sixth graders was released last night at Young Authors Night at East Elementary School.

Each child wrote and illustrated his or her own story.

The books were published through Sweet Success Press. The VFW, Kiwanis and the Rotary Club funded the publication.

Susan Goodenow, literacy coordinator at East Elementary School, presented the children with their books before a gymnasium packed with parents and friends.

The students had worked on their stories for one week. Each morning, they were bused to Ridgeview Elementary School, where they studied the arts of storytelling and illustrating with writer Vicki Krudwig.

After the presentation, the students and parents adjourned to the cafeteria to eat cake and autograph one another's books.

The stories featured a multitude of themes, ranging from animals to skateboards.

Fifth grader Ty Spencer wrote a fable of sorts titled, "Never Give Up."

"It's about a young skater," Spencer explained, while signing autographs for his friends. "His friend comes over and asks him to do a trick, but he can't do it. He keeps trying though, and he learns how to."

First grader Rosemary Hopson took some time to read some of her story, "Nature," to a curious reporter.

"The world would not be complete without nature," she read. "The trees are so pretty. I love it when they change color."

Nature is a popular theme in the first grade. Hannah Beckett wrote, "A Nature Book," a story about summer, which she loves because that's when her birthday is.

And Ryan Secules of the first grade wrote a first person narration of his adventures with a rhinoceros. He calls it "Ryan and the Rhino." Illustrated with a self-portrait of Ryan next to a hulking African animal, the story goes, "Once there was a rhino. He had a person that would always be with him. His name

was Ryan."

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