4-H students honored at achievement night


Wow, it was great to see so many people at 4-H Achievement Night on Nov. 15. The evening started with a welcome and presentation of colors and pledges. From then, everyone enjoyed a great meal and several awards were given out.
During the program there were opportunities for 4-H members, family and friends to get up and entertain the audience. Just to name a few, congratulations to Jean Stetson, John Wellman and Ken Scott for mastering the fine art of hiney writing. The evening ended with a dance that everyone enjoyed.
As I watched the people arrive and the chairs fill that night, it was great to see families getting together to share in the excitement of the accomplishments of the 4-Hers and the 4-H program.
We are so fortunate to have the backing of the people of Moffat County to help make young people's lives richer with self-esteem and self-confidence.
Thank you to all the residents of Moffat County. Let's remember that 4-H has been around for more than 100 years nationally and will continue to be part of the life we enjoy in North West Colorado.
As mentioned earlier, several awards were given out that night, here is a list of the recipients that received awards:
5 year members
Kelsey Berkoff, Jessica Hogue, Shawna Boatright, Danielle Kawcak, Sarah Coyner, Jorgiea Raftopoulos, Eric Fleming ,
Krista Shaffer, Kara Gluesing, Jenna Stiefel, Yvonne Green, Bradley Summers, Justin Hadden, Anna Lou Velasquez,
Emily Hepworth, Ely White, Justin Poole
8 year members
Donovan Davis, Janice McIntyre
Trevor Davis, Jessie Moon, Kalli Deatherage, Chris Thompson,
Blake Kawcak, Eric Wellman,
Sarah Kawcak, Lyndi Wellman
9 year member
Richard Bailey, Florence Martin, C
hance Buckner, Doyle Moon, Alesha Forbes, Thaysha Peirce, Brittni Kawcak, Kacey Snowden, Nicholas Lee,
Derrick Thompson, Jon Longwell,
Sam Weeldreyer
10 Year Members
Melissa Haskins, Wyatt Pierce,
Michelle Myers, Jessica Willingham
11 Year Members
Rebekah Longwell, Amy Ott

Leader Recognition
5 Year Leaders
Dianne Gould, Lorrae Moon,
Sherman Romney
15 Year Leaders
Evelyn Ott
Fashion Revue Rebecca Longwell, Kelsey Berkoff, Kara Gluesing, Kaliegh Cutler, Teren Wilkey Wildlife Habitat Eval. Prog. Sarah Coyner, Miranda Bloomquist, Natasha Chapman, Nathan Chapman, Kaycee Stagner, Taelor Stagner, Stephan Otis, Adriean Petch, Emily Hepworth
Livestock Judging Kacey Snowden, Sarah Kawcak, Justin Coupe, Nicole Cromer, Doyle Moon, Rance Moon, Kaycee Stagner, Emily Hepworth, Jessie Snowden, Cassie Moon, Call Camblin, Chelsea Camblin, Nate Moon, Karisssa Maneotis, Colton Murray, Colby Hadden
Best Kept Livestock Records Market Beef 5th Frank Stetson 4th Libby Stetson
3rd Sarah Kawcak
2nd Dani Kawcak
1st Brittni Kawcak
Breed Beef 5th Justin Coupe
4th Anna Velasquez
3rd Lacie Coupe 2nd Call Camblin
1st Chelsea Camblin
Market Sheep 5th Stetson White 4th Eric Wellman
3rd Angie Charchalis
2nd Katryna Snowden
1st Teya Pierce
Breed Sheep 2nd Karissa Maneotis
1st Lyndi Wellman
Market Swine 5th Taelor Stagner 4th Kevin Stewart
3rd Amanda Snyder
2nd Bailee Porter
1st Thaysha Pierce
Market Goat 2nd Karissa Maneotis
1st Makayla Goodnow
Breeding Goat 4th Nate Moon
3rd Karissa Maneotis
2nd M. Goodnow
1st Taelor Stagner
Dairy Goat
1st R. Longwell
Rabbit 5th Donovan Davis
4th Taelor Stagner
3rd Chris Thompson
2nd D. Thompson
1st Kaycee Stagner
Poultry 5th Shirley Vazquez K. McAlexander
4th Austin Blomquist
3rd Wyatt Oberwitte
2nd A. Santistevan
1st Taylor Crisp
Jr. Champion 5th Chelsea Camblin
4th A. Sanistenvans
3rd Chelsea Camblin
2nd Call Camblin
1st Taylor Crisp
Int. Champion 5th Kaycee Stagner
4th K. Snowden
3rd Teya Peirce
2nd Libby Stetson
1st Dani Kawcak
Sr. Champion 5th Thesha Peirce
4th Frank Stetson
3rd Sarah Kawcak
2nd Eric Wellman
1st Brittni Kawcak
Supreme Dog Award Katy Nottingham
Best Kept Dog Records
1st Year Alisha Camp
Advanced Shawni Clark
2003 Queen & Attendants
Jr. Queen Katy Nottingham
Jr. Atten. Emily Hepworth
Sr. Queen Jessi Moon
Sr. Atten. Teya Pierce
Supreme Market Beef Award Samantha Erickson
Homegrown Market Beef Award Ashleigh Summers
Moffat County Cowbelles Champion Heifer Chelsea Camblin
Junior Leader Pins Nicole Cromer, Amanda Cutler, Nick Lee, Kaycee Stagner, Eric Wellman, Tiffany Wilde

The remainder of the list will run in next week's edition of the Saturday Morning Press.

National Report Forms Awards
Intermediate Jessica Snowden
Senor Plaque Sarah Kawcak
1st Year Plaque Taelor Stagner

Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor Kaycee Stagner
Outstanding Poultry Exhibitor Wyatt Oberwitte
Supreme Market Swine Award Andrew Raftopoulos
Supreme Market Goat Award Makayla Goodnow
Supreme Market Lamb Award Josh Wilde
Breeding Goat Award Taelor Stagner & Makayla Goodnow
Breeding Sheep Award Karissa Maneotis
Breeding Beef Award Chelsea Camblin

Shooting Sports Award
Sr. Champ Nick Lee
Sr. Res Champ Jacob Pearson
Jr. Champ Zach Pearson
Jr. Res Champ Hilton Smith

Secretary Book Award Maybell Rustlers -- Anna Lou Velasquez
Treasurer Book Award Elkhead Gang -- Micheal Pankey

Producers Choice Presentation Award Champion Sr. Eric Wellman
Champion Int. Stetson White
Champion Jr. Kelly Meyers

Producers Choice Award Award #2
Champion Sr. Eric Wellman
Champion Int. Stetson White
Champion Jr. Kelly Meyers
Producer Choice Pen of 2 Award -- Joshue Wilde

Morris Powell Outstanding Livestock Member
Jr. Award Jessica Snowden
Sr. Award Tony Webb

Herdsman Award Elkhead Wranglers
Best Kept Horse Records
Jr. Plaque 5thAustin Lee
4th Taylor Crisp
3rd Clayton Pearce
2nd Kendal Snyder
1stKrista Shaffer

Int. Plaque 5th Filipe Nunez
4th Desirae Pearcey
3rd Angie Charchalis
2nd Jorgiea Raftopoulos
1st Jessie Snowden

Sr. Plaque 5th Rance Moon
4th Jessi Moon
3rd Flo Martin
2nd Sarah Kawcak
1st Kacey Snowden

Outstanding Horseman Award Kacey Snowden
Outstanding Leader Award Evelyn Ott
Outstanding 4-H Member Melissa Haskins

Congratulations to all the 4-H members and keep up the great work.

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