Rec league hoopsters get full-court press


Dribbling the basketball up and down a full court can be tiring.

At least that was the consensus among the Snowdogs and Spicy Lemons of the Craig Parks and Recreation fifth- and sixth-grade basketball league at Craig Intermediate School Wednesday night.

"It's frustrating to have to dribble back and forth with everybody chasing you," Katrina Crippen said. "There are a lot of traveling calls made."

The Spicy Lemons pulled out a close 22-18 win with a couple of key baskets at the end of the game.

The win improved the Spicy Lemons to 2-1 and the loss dropped the 'Dogs to 2-1. With many of the girls in the same classes a CIS some admitted there was a little bit of trash talking at school, but for the most part it is friendly competition.

"We cheer for the other team sometimes," said Shayanne Pritchard.

Yet the competition during the Snowdogs and Spicy Lemons appeared intense at times with elbows flying and people hitting the floor.

"You have to hold in anger sometimes," Ariah Updike said. "Sometimes you can get hit accidentally and you want to be mad but you'll get in trouble if you do."

The fifth- and sixth-grade league is the first time in the recreation league that the games are

full court.

"When you get to go full court, you show all you've got," said Jordan Maneotis.

"Running back and forth is tiring," Kelsie Dimich said.

Six teams make up the recreation league. There is also a third- and fourth-grade league for girls and both leagues are played on Monday and Wednesday nights. The league runs from November

to December.

Some of the girls also play AAU basketball but they have found the difficulty to score is close to the same in both leagues.

"The competition is getting better," said Jessica Matthews. "Everybody is growing, too."

Of course, everyone hopes they are getting better too.

"If you're rushing, you lose the ball," said Shayla Gearhart. "You have to learn to control the ball."

As the goal of most recreation programs it all comes down to having fun.

"It's fun when we have good teamwork," said Tasha Romney. "That's when our coach is happy, too."

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