Committing to Quitting


When it comes to smoking, there's no better time to quit like the present.
Thursday is the Great American Smokeout, a day in which people are encouraged to take the first step in giving up their tobacco-using habits.
We encourage area smokers to take advantage of the resources that are available to them locally and statewide.
The Colorado Quitline (1-800-639-QUIT), a toll-free telephone counseling service, is available in Spanish and English to residents anywhere in the state and connects people who want to quit smoking with trained counselors who can guide and support them through the quitting process.
The Colorado QuitNet ( is an Internet-based tobacco cessation service that offers peer support through an online community of individuals who are trying to quit as well as expert advice on quitting strategies and information about pharmaceutical products that may be helpful.
Moffat County Great American Smokeout events feature the distribution of free Quit Kits all day today at City Market Pharmacy, Safeway Pharmacy and Kmart Pharmacy and at Colorado Northwestern Community College. The Quit Kits, stuffed by members of the Craig GetREAL! Youth tobacco prevention coalition, provide information on the dangers of second-hand smoke, smoking and chewing cessation materials, referral information to the free Colorado Quitline and QuitNet services and some fun stress relievers as well.
Experts say quitting smoking can be more difficult than quitting cocaine or heroin but taking that first step is the most important.
We hope as many Moffat County smokers make the attempt at quitting smoking and wish them success in their efforts.

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