School board helps out Maybell firefighters out


A new set of Moffat County School Board members got their first taste of the decision-making process at Monday night's meeting.

Along with approving six other agenda items, board members approved paying for half of the heating bill on a Maybell Fire Department building that houses district buses. The $600-a-year payment was requested by Fire Chief Dave O' Conor.

"If you can help us pay for half of our $1,200 bill it would be greatly appreciated," O'Conor said. "The fire department feels this is a small price for the district to pay for the benefits you receive."

District school buses are housed in the Maybell fire department building and heated year-round, which uses less fuel to warm them up each day, O'Conor said.

Keeping the buses indoors also reduces the threat of vandalism, he added.

And school board members tended to agree.

"I think we save more than $600 a year by housing our buses there," said board member Steve Hafey. "It sounds pretty reasonable to me."

New Board President John Wellman changed the motion to include offering the fire department the full amount of their heating bill, but board members shot that amendment down.

After a recommendation by Superintendent Pete Bergmann, the board voted unanimously on the smaller amount.

"My thought is that I want to be a team player as much as I can but with 88 students down this year and already $54,000 down to start with we have to pay attention to the state of the budget," Bergmann said. "It's not that we can't afford the $1,200 we certainly can, but I want us be cognizant of the budget. I support offering the assistance."

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