Travel expenses, at this time, are fiscally irresponsible


To the Editor:

On Dec. 1-3, Colorado Counties Inc. will have its year-end bash at the posh Sheraton Hotel in Colorado Springs. Colorado Counties Inc. is a private group of people who represent their own counties across Colorado and gather to promote and discuss their own policies.

Commissioner Marianna Raptopoulos is the president of this organization and will be the keynote speaker at this event. In the past, all of our county commissioners have attended these Colorado Counties Inc. events, usually accompanied by their spouses and other select county employees.

In light of Moffat County's current financial crisis and the fact that our commissioners have held meetings with all county employees asking them to take time off without pay so the budget could be met, it would seem very fiscally irresponsible for our county commissioners to attend this three-day event.

Since most of the Moffat County tax-paying public will not be attending this event in Colorado Springs, I am sure many of us would like to read the text of Commissioner Raptopoulos' keynote speech in the Craig Daily Press.

In this time of dire financial distress, we the taxpayers need our leadership at home, at their desks with calculators and sharp pencils in hand, working through this severe budget problem. We do not need them going to a three-day pre-holiday social event at taxpayer expense.

J. Baca,


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