Touch of Spice

There's always a flip side


They say it goes fast. I hate to concede that they're right, even though I think it goes fast because you're in a sleep-deprived stupor for most of it.

I look at my two girls -- now two and three years old -- and wonder where my babies went. Luckily, Nikki's still young enough to demand a good cuddle on occasion.

I realize there's a benefit to having two babies 14 months apart. Just as Katie stops doing something melt-your-heart cute, Nikki begins.

Katie doesn't reach up and say "wanna holdja," very often anymore, but Nikki just started yesterday. The same sweet moment twice in a lifetime. Priceless.

Katie's evidently too big to need a hug following a fall or a skid, but Nikki still lays on the floor crying until I come make it all better.

On the other side, when one grows out of a pain in the butt stage, the other grows into it.

Right now the favorite game (their's, not mine) consists of Katie telling me to "say ahhh," and popping a little plastic spider in my mouth. I'm then required to cross my eyes, gurgle, spit and sputter until I finally spit the spider across the room. Katie laughs uproariously and then chases the spider down in preparation for round two (or round 22).

Lucky for me, it wasn't a game that lasted long in her memory. On the not-so-lucky side, Nikki also thought it was great fun, so she picked up where Katie left off.

She also picks up where Katie just left off in other things.

I've seen enough Barney that I've considered applying as a scriptwriter. Right when I thought the end had come to having the "I Love You" song running through my head, Nikki decides Barney's the best thing since peanut butter on a spoon and the lyrics come alive again.

We still have every Barney movie that Katie loved, plus the dolls and accessories.

On the positive side, those dolls and accessories that would now be at the bottom of the toy box are getting a second round of use, making the decision to buy them something I can justify -- though trust me, I fought it.

Because they're so close in age, they both have a lot of similar interests. Swinging is one. We don't have a swing set yet (just got the grass, you know), so I'm the swing.

It's a pain -- literally. My arms and legs and back ache after the first set, and are barely up to the required second set. After the second set, the first is ready again, only remembering that she just saw her sister swinging and forgetting that she's already done it.

I try not to even start that cycle.

Although most times, as with all things associated with parenthood, I don't really have a choice.

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