Youth baseball's parent board to make comeback


Scott Parker can remember a time when the demand for youth baseball coaches was to the point where he coached two baseball teams in the summer. At that time, being on an all-star team for a boy meant he got to ride his bike to the ballpark every Monday and Wednesday for an extra practice.

Dave Pike remembers when the parents in Craig were in charge of the youth baseball program and it was thriving on its own with minimal city involvement.

Those times are no longer for youth baseball as Craig Parks and Recreation has been in charge of the program for two summers now.

"Parks and Rec has so many other things going in the summer it is hard for us to give it as much attention as when the parents ran it," Pike said.

That is why Parker, the Moffat County High School baseball coach, and a handful of parents are hoping to take the program back.

"Pike and a couple of others kept baseball alive the last couple of summers," Parker said. "But before I left Craig (in 1994), the summer program was flourishing with a parents board running it. We need to get that back."

The low interest is evident in Parker's upcoming baseball team.

"We'll have a small number of upperclassmen out this year," Parker said. "It would be nice to get more kids involved at a younger age."

Pike said that because of limited resources the all-star programs, which used to field two teams in each age group, didn't exist last summer.

The night league, with teams from Craig, Hayden and Meeker, also had a slip in interest.

"There used to be six or seven teams in each age group," Parker said. "Now there are three or four."

Pike, who first became involved in youth baseball by being involved on a parents board, is in favor of the parents taking over again.

"If there is enough interest, I'm completely in favor of it," he said. "It's a much better situation if (Parks and Rec.) doesn't have to be in charge."

Parent meetings are planned in the future but no dates have been set. For more information, call Parker at Moffat County High School.

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