Commissioners are wasting money by micro-managing


To the Editor:

Do you, the county commissioners, not have enough confidence in your managers that you have to micro-manage all local purchases? Why is it that you don't micro-manage the out-of-town purchases?

Daryl Steele is quoted in the paper as saying "I hope this is not stepping over dollars to pick up nickels."

It's more like stepping over $100 bills to save a penny. They need to hold their managers to their budgets on a monthly basis and let them do the jobs that they were hired to do and the commissioners need to start doing the job they were elected to do and stay within your budget. There are two county commissioners who should take full responsibility for blowing the budget. Do these two county commissioners have any idea why Daryl Steele was elected by such a landslide? Could it be because of some of the things that he promised us that he would do? Maybe Les and Marianna should quit voting against him so much and start voting with him. T. Wright Dickinson is gone, guys!

In a county commissioner meeting, the commissioners discussed ways that they could cut local services such as television, snow plowing, the dogs, watering the cemetery, etc. Why are they picking on the senior citizens and people who do not have cable television and depend on the television services? They are considering dropping the mill levy for the museum and the library forcing them to get their own mill levy to stay open. This is a roundabout way for the county to get a mill levy increase without going to the voters. It is in my opinion that this is nothing but a scare tactic to get us to vote for a mill levy. It would be like in my private finances and I've overspent. I go to my boss and threaten to cut back on my work unless he raises my wages. Does this sound like the county commissioners threatening to cut back on county services? What do you think would happen if I did this? Would I be fired or given a raise because of mv inability to budget mv finances!

How much of a revenue drain is the justice center? Is it overstated revenue or excessive expenses or both?

Mineral Leases: In 2000 the county received $433,750.62 from oil and gas companies. The county commissioners in 2001 hired a Wyoming attorney to redo our leasing laws so that the surface owner received more money. On account of this in 2001 the county received approximately $45,000. In 2002, the county received approximately $179,592.00. In 2003, to date, the county has received $83,683.00. Who benefited from the tougher leasing laws? Was it an ex county commissioner? It sure wasn't the county. If we had been receiving the $433,000 a year, we would approximately have one million six to date but instead we have received approximately $708,275. The current county commissioners would be well advised to go back and revisit this issue and find out why the oil and gas companies are not leasing our oil and gas reserves.

After Tuesday's election, the county commissioners should get the message that the people are not going to approve an increase in taxes, especially after seeing how the commissioners have mismanaged the county finances. Why do we staff and maintain non-mandated offices by law? If they really want to save money, it is my opinion we do not need a full-time attorney, a full-time land use planner and a full-time EMS director. Neil McCandless said it best, "get rid of the personnel you hired to do the jobs you were elected to do and get to work yourselves."

Since the commissioners got us in this budget crunch, maybe they would like to donate their salaries for a year. It's something to think about or maybe I'm just daydreaming. If they wanted my vote for a mill levy increase, they should be talking about how we could get a nursing home back in Craig.

More people need to call and let the county commissioners know how they feel about the job they are doing or write a letter to the editor stating where these commissioners are doing a good job and where improvements could be made.

Tom Knez,


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