Students shop for stories


With a book fair in progress, Robin Weible jokes that the library at East Elementary School is "just like a Barnes & Noble."

"It's like having a bookstore in the library for a week," said the school's library tech about the Scholastic book fair running through Friday.

Shiny paperbacks, posters and school supplies filled the library Monday afternoon and caught the attention of third-grader Aaron Cramer.

"I love reading books," he said while fingering a fun read named "Captain Underpants." "I like reading about all the problems and how they solve them."

The annual weeklong event is a school fund-raiser to bring in a visiting Colorado author in the spring, Weible said.

"We try to do something that all the kids can benefit from," she said. "They get really excited. I like exposing them to that because it's something they don't get often."

Parents and teachers are invited to shop at the book fair, which will be open through Parent/Teacher Conferences later this week. Book prices range from $.89 to about $30. Many students arrive with a dollar, making reasonably priced joke books a popular option, Weible said.

"I try to make sure they can buy something," she added.

Last year's successful book fair earned enough money to bring on Colorado author Ann Nagada and ensured each student received an autographed copy of her book.

"The book fair goes over very well," Weible said. "Everyone is really supportive of it."

As students perused the books some easily stated their likes and dislikes.

"Do you like Junie B. Jones?" asked third-grader Jacob Teeter holding up a book illustrated with a frazzled-looking girl on its cover.

"I think she's so funny," he said.

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