County budget cuts should start and end with the commissioners


To the Editor:

This is my opinion.

I have been quietly reading everything in the paper about budgets, cuts and all the problems with when and where the cuts could be. It seems that the most obvious cuts are being totally overlooked. It was the last straw when the county started looking at cutting television reception, considering that that is all so many of the low-income people have for entertainment.

It really is quite simple. Why aren't we looking at the county commissioners? Why don't we consider taking cuts there? No, not with pencils and paper, not with their "help" or any supplies at all, but directly with them? Why not cut what THEY are making? Why not also look at what their expenses are? Why not look at all these "trips" they have taken, including the Hawaii trip? Perhaps take a very close look at all the "so called necessary" expenses that all these trips include?

Why not look closely at the itemized account of every penny THEY have spent on these trips as well as overnight trips, lunches, everything?

I have heard them talk of cutting from all the departments and personnel -- all but them. I know that many others also feel that they are making more than they should and taking advantage of their positions in many ways. Perhaps looking into the past "hiring practice" would be worthwhile as well. I know that I speak for many others when I say "we have had ENOUGH overstepping or what have you from our county commissioners."

It is time that THEY be held accountable!! Enough is enough!

Joanne Lighthizer,


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