Newest member of DA's office wins conviction


The newest member of the District Attorney's office in Moffat County won a conviction in county court Monday.

Deputy District Attorney Allan Parr successfully prosecuted a Craig man on the charge of third-degree assault. It was Parr's third jury trial ever.

Parr joined the District Attorney's office in July. He attended undergraduate and law school in Boulder.

When Parr arrived, he practiced under the tutelage of District Attorney Bonnie Roesink. But he took on Monday's trial solo, presenting a convincing case to a jury that only deliberated 20 minutes before returning a guilty verdict.

The case charged David Manley, 44, with third-degree assault after police responded to his residence May 10 on a report that he would not allow his wife to leave the residence.

Officers interviewed Manley's wife, who told officers her husband took her key and her purse and would not allow her to take them with her.

Police found the key in Manley's pocket. He threatened to sue the officers if they returned the key to his wife. Police found no reason not to return the key to the woman.

Manley's wife also reported being hit by her husband, a suspicion backed up by officers' observations of marks on the woman's face.

The victim's statement was videotaped, and Parr said it was crucial.

"The video spoke for itself," Parr said.

However, the court threw the young prosecutor a curveball when he was notified "five minutes before trial" that he could not use the words "domestic violence," or allude to the case in that manner.

Nevertheless, Manley was found guilty and will be sentenced in December.

Roesink stopped by Parr's office after the trial to congratulate him and discuss strategies for the sentencing hearing, along with other issues pertaining to Parr's caseload.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Dave Waite handles felony cases, while Parr prosecutes misdemeanors.

"Eventually I hope to help him out with the felonies," Parr said. "He's got a lot of experience. He's very good. I learn from him every day."

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