With precautions skiing is fine on golf course


Chuck Cobb understands the early itch for cross country skiers. The Yampa Valley Golf Course professional spends some of his winter skiing on the course he manages in the summer. He hopes his fellow skiers can restrain from using the YVGC during the first few snows.

"I understand that people have cabin fever for winter activities when the snow falls," he said. "But without enough snow they can cause damage to the course."

With this weekend's snow, Cobb said the course, which is open for skiers at no charge, already had tracks present.

"You can see spots where the poles went through the snow," he said. "There needs to be about six inches on the ground before the poles won't stick through."

While the clubhouse is closed for the season, Cobb said there could still be golf played if the snow melts away.

"If there is a melt like last year after the first snow, there could still be golf," he said. "The green fees aren't certain if we were to open it up to golfing again."

If the snow stays and it does get to the correct thickness for skiing, Cobb has one more request.

"The trails that are skied shouldn't go over the greens," he said. "I know that the first thing skiers are looking for are hills but please stay off the greens."

Cobb said the weight of the skis creates a layer of ice on top of the green and can cause long-term damage.

"In the spring, you can see exactly where the skis went," he said. "The grass is damaged or dead in two lines on the greens."

Another precaution is going over the water areas around the course.

"Those ponds look frozen before they actually are," Cobb said.

To check on the status of the golf course, the clubhouse phone number is 824-3673.

David Pressgrove can be reached at 824-7031 or dpressgrove@craigdailypress.com.

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