Gambling initiative to fund tourism shot down


Although Moffat County residents would have to travel to reach the gambling establishments proposed for change through Amendment 33, it's evident they don't want to alter the future of gambling.

Of the county's 2,780 voters, an overwhelming 2,265 voted against the measure compared to the 633 who vote for the issue of whether to install casino-style gambling at five racetracks along the Front Range.

With 99 percent of Colorado votes counted, Amendment 33 failed 81 percent to 19 percent.

There were 723,265 votes against and 171,988 votes in favor statewide.

While waiting in line to vote Tuesday, Stan Sjostrom said he was against the measure because he didn't agree with language's wording, yet he said money from gambling dollars should stay in Colorado.

"To me (gambling) is no big deal, but the majority of the funds need to stay in the state," he said.

According to reports from the Associated Press, campaign spokesman Lynea Hansen said the proposal's defeat can be partly blamed on bribery indictments of two executives from Wembley, USA, Inc., which owns four out of the five Colorado tracks.

Supporters said Amendment 33 was a way to jumpstart the economy providing up to $25 million per year to advertise tourism opportunities and boost tax revenues.

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