Vote "no" on 2A


To the Editor,

The citizens of Craig voted one use tax out and another attempt to reinstate it down.

What part of "don't want it" do the backers of the recreation center not understand?

Why propose only city and not county residents pay a use tax -- real level playing field.

The rec center will not fix or replace our aging high school pool, don't pretend it will.

The tax revenue lost on automobiles purchased outside of the city will never pay for road repairs or snow removal when it is funneled in the form of a use tax to the rec center!

Paying $600 dues for a family of four to use the rec center will put it out of reach for many of the people it is proposed to benefit.

When the backers of 2A did their sales tax calculations I can only hope they didn't include the hundreds of temporary power plant retrofit workers that spend their paychecks in Craig, as they are only temporary ... oops

Let your vote be counted.

William Puhl,


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