County trespass issues alarm resident


To the Editor:

I have a complaint against the Moffat County commissioners and the Moffat County Road and Bridge Department.

My complaint is being trespassed on by Moffat County Road and Bridge Department being allowed to happen by Moffat County commissioners.

I OWN land in Moffat County and the land is fenced. The fence is for the purpose of containing livestock (both horses and cows). There are gates on my property to allow myself access to care for my livestock and property.

The gates are across a road I constructed and cross through to Cross Mountain and Sam Rinker's property. There is no legal right-of-way to grant access across the property, to anyone else. This information has been provided to Moffat County commissioners and Moffat County Road and Bridge on several occasions. The lock on the gate is and has been cut on several occasions by the Moffat County Sheriff's Department.

Moffat County commissioners are receiving federal funds to "maintain" a county road on this private property. This is information I believe to be true to the best of my knowledge. Moffat County Road and Bridge employees, headed by Billy Mack, will occasionally (on the average of once a year) grade the road. The road number, which is not a county road, is CR 153.

I have owned and paid taxes on this road since 1984 (I bought this ground from my mother, Emily Sheridan. My mother and father had owned and paid taxes on this ground since the '20s, and I have paid taxes ever since I bought it.)

I have checked the abstract and county records for any right-of-way. It does not exist. Sam Rinker, with my permission, went to the commissioners and closed this road in 1985. Copies of affidavits from Claude Myers, Alva Solace and Sam, Steele are in Moffat County's possession also.

I have been in contact with Moffat County commissioners, Bureau of Land Management, The Bureau of Indian Affairs and copies of affidavits from Alva Solace, Ole Barber, and R.N. (Bobby) Robinson have been furnished to them..

Please explain to me how trespass laws which are for the protection of the landowner, can be totally ignored by the Moffat County commissioners and Moffat County Road and Bridge Department. Also, how can the Moffat County commissioners get federal funds for county roads that do not exist?

Robert Sheridan,

Moffat County

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