Vote for recreation center is not vote against a nursing home


To the Editor:

I've been reading the letters to the editor about the proposed recreation center for the last month or so and would like to add my two cents. I'm sure if you were to ask some of my friends they would tell you that my opinion is grossly over priced at two cents, but here it is anyway.

A few people have argued that there is some sort of connection between the senior center closing and the recreation center. While I think everyone agrees that we need a senior center (and I think it will be re-opened eventually), there is absolutely no relationship between the two. Saying we shouldn't build a rec center because the senior center closed is like saying we shouldn't build the rec center because Country General went out of business. The rec center is a public works project, the senior center was a business. It's apples and oranges.

There is also some concern about the monthly cost. Yes, there needs to be some sort of accommodation for people on fixed incomes, OK, but the argument that the average family in Craig won't be able to afford the rec center is ridiculous. I'll bet your cable TV bill is more than the proposed monthly fees. I'm not saying get rid of your cable, I mean we have to see Monster Garage, right? The point is that I'd rather have my kids down at the rec center than in front of the TV, how about you?

I've only been here 19 years. Only 11 more years and I can apply to be called a "local". Looking back on every controversial project since I've been here, Loudy-Simpson, the wave pool, the ice arena, and the justice center, people were saying exactly the same things, we don't need it or we can't afford it. I wasn't here, but I've heard that people were saying the same stuff when the golf course was getting started. It's human nature to resist change and it's a lot easier to do nothing than to step up and try to make a change for the better. We don't "need" these things, sure, we don't "need" paved streets either but they sure make Craig a nicer place to live, don't you agree?

Since I've been here, there's always someone spending our money trying to get businesses, tourists, or baseball players to come to Craig. I say if we make Craig a better place for the people that live here now, then the businesses will come, and they will be people that want to live here, people that like what Craig has to offer.

Yeah, tax increases suck and it's possible that it might be a bit of a gamble. I like this town and think it's worth taking a little risk. The recreation center will make Craig a better place to live, a better place for the people that call Craig home. I hope you'll join me in voting in favor of the proposed recreation center on Nov. 4.

Jerry Strahan,


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