Technology task force' hopes to create new community Web site for town of Meeker


After the town's board of trustees agreed to fund the promotion of local businesses, Meeker Town Administrator Sharon Day said a "technology task force" has been established to create a new Web site for the community.

Day said a goal of the task force, which is comprised of local business persons, is to have links for each business on the Web site with the capability to do conduct business on the Internet.

The town of Meeker's Board of Trustees has agreed to funding the maintenance of the Web site but has yet to determine a set amount.

Day said she has a "passion" for small businesses and with the flat economy, more work is needed to support local commerce. She said she would like to see more businesses involved in sustaining and supporting each other.

Dee Weiss, co-owner of Fawn Creek Gallery and member of the new task force, wants one accomplishment of the efforts to be to find someone locally to create the new Web site.

"We want to help merchants and involve the town in that help. So many people use the Internet," she said.

Other promotion ideas for the town of Meeker include new signage for Market Street to direct visitors to businesses and amenities. Day said many people pass through town not knowing there is another business section on Main Street.

The initial meeting was held Tuesday morning, and the next scheduled meeting is at 7:30 a.m. Nov. 11th at Town Hall. Day said input is "very valuable" in the new efforts to assist businesses.

Also in town business is the question of sustaining a recycling center for Meeker. Day said officials want to know if Meeker supports a recycling center and, if so, where the location should be.

"Recycling doesn't necessarily pay for itself," she said. "However, it costs the county money to bury materials ($50 per ton), and it does help the environment and future."

A Town Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 4th to discuss the existence of a recycling center for Meeker. Day encourages attendance by anyone who is interested in city issues.

"We're public servants," she said. "We work to serve the public."

For more information of the new technology task force, and other city topics, contact Sharon Day at 878-5344.

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