Recreation center is a good investment for the community


To the Editor:

I would like to have the good citizens of Craig consider an idea. This idea is referred to by some as "community-owned investment." In this instance, the investment opportunity is the proposed rec center. By investment, I mean an effort by the citizens to help the community appreciate, or gain in value. A return is realized, not just in dollars, but in social value as well.

Our community is currently involved in an effort to diversify and develop the local economy. To that end, it is in our interest to make Craig/Moffat County as attractive as possible to new business, to tourists, and so forth. A new rec center will help serve that interest.

We enjoyed success in attracting convention business to our area this past summer. Motels were full and our restaurants and retail outlets were busy. Hopefully, we'll see this activity increase in the future. When we market Craig and Moffat County to potential visitors, it's good to be able to show that we have a vibrant and dynamic community. Investment in infrastructure, such as a new rec center, is a good demonstration of our commitment to progress. Thank you,

Terry Carwile,


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