Touch of Spice

A day of discovery


It was a day of discoveries.

Cousin Issac was about to turn four, and, of course, a Spiderman-themed party was held in celebration.

Just four years old and he's such a boy. That was my discovery. Somehow days of playing with Katie, giving sweet kisses and drinking chocolate milk didn't lead me to believe he'd ever be a rough and tumble fighter of evil and lover of dirt, but he is.

As he attacked the mound of presents in front of him, he'd throw a careless thank you in the direction of the crowd at the insistence of his mother but you could tell that was distracting him from his true purpose -- to find the sharpest object those packages contained.

He's in the habit of starting a sword fight armed with a new sword and his opponent armed with the sword that was duct-taped together.

He may be a boy, but he's not dumb.

One of the party's highlights was the unfair distribution of spoils from a Spiderman piñata.

After several whacks with a broomstick, the candy-filled thing hit the ground and the group of surrounding children had to be urged by their parents to dive in.

Issac didn't quite get the lion's share, but he did get enough that he had a hard time keeping his pants up against the pull of his candy-filled pockets.

It took Nikki and Katie awhile to get the idea, but it wasn't long before they, too, were filling their pockets (something they did fairly well, as I discovered while transferring a candy-covered load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. They've just discovered the joy of pockets, so mom isn't quite used to searching them before tossing them into the water. That's a lesson learned the hard way.)

Nikki begged for a sweet tart, so I opened the small package. She grabbed and grabbed until her cheeks were stuffed. About that time, she discovered she didn't really like them and spent the next few minutes spitting them into Issac's new sand bucket.

I wonder if they've been found yet.

Nikki was the star in many pictures as she walked around with one lens missing from her party-favor sunglasses and a conical hat over her ear with its elastic hooked to the front of her coveralls.

She enjoys a good party, even if she's not really sure what the point is.

Katie spent her time trying to get Issac's attention, something she doesn't usually have to compete for, so she was a little disgruntled when she found she had some competition -- namely other 4-year-old boys.

Just because Issac's discovered he's a boy doesn't mean Katie has yet. It doesn't mean she cares either, as the clod of dirt over his

head proved.

They're still on even terms as far as Katie's concerned.

I don't want to be there when she does make the discovery and they go their separate ways.

Luckily, there are several birthday parties, lots of party favors and plenty of dirt clods to tide them over until that day.

Little Nikki is going to have wait a few years before she can discover baby Justin and establish that wonderful unisex relationship kids can have before they're influenced by whatever disease it is that gives both sexes the cooties.

The lasts until they're about 14. I'm not anxious for that discovery.

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