A Grand Olde time


This year's Grand Olde West Days is experiencing a rebirth of sorts.

With events being held downtown again, organizers hope that the tradition will be revitalized and residents and visitors will become reacquainted with the downtown area.

Congratulations are due to community members who came together to save a worthy Memorial Day celebration that all but seemed to be on its last leg last year.

After the original committee disbanded after 12 years, the Downtown Business Association stepped up to the plate and took on the challenge.

With music, vendors, a carnival, a golf tournament, Old West reenactments, bull riding and a street festival, residents have few excuses not to show up.

Too often we hear about how "there's nothing to do in Craig." Well, with events running through Monday, that complaint should

be silenced.

We believe this should be the year that we dedicate ourselves to make Grand Olde West Days the success that it can be and should be. The lesson of last year is that if we take it for granted or if we leave it up to somebody else to do it, we won't have these wonderful events that make and keep our community a community.

So take advantage of the hard work it takes to put on Grand Olde West Days. And think about volunteering to make the event even better next year.

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