Vehicle registration is unfair to out-of-state workers


To the Editor:

I am appalled at the number of "scrooges" here. Yes, those of you who think we, the non-residents, should help pay for the maintenance of your streets and highways being forcing us to register our vehicles in your town.

We, the out-of-staters, were asked to come here to work. Apparently, there are not enough crafts people in the area to do the required work. We are benefitting your community and being penalized for it. Being a two-person household, we spend approximately $3000 per week in your town. Multiply that by 42, the approximate number of out-of-state plates, and we are spending around $12,600 every week. That comes to about $50,400 every month.

This amount is excluding rent and utilities, not to mention we are paying state tax, but you want more.

It will cost us anywhere from $4000 to $7000 per vehicle to register them. Your supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants and many other businesses are getting a percentage of our paychecks.

We are hard-working, law-abiding people and have never felt so unwelcome.

Doris Allen,

Contract laborer

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