School board axes CIS clubs due to successes of RAD program


School district sponsorship for several clubs at Craig Intermediate School will end in the 2003-04 school year.

Computer, outdoors, science and spelling clubs all will be axed in the coming year -- a move backed by Superintendent Pete Bergman in view of the school's success with the two-year-old Recreational/After-school/Doorway program, or


Intense interest in the program meant some after-school activities were duplicated between traditional clubs and RAD, officials said.

"There are literally hundreds participating (in RAD) at CIS," Bergman said.

The after-school program targeting fifth and sixth graders now offers 26 free-of-charge activities, ranging from second languages, homework help, to baby sitter training and a host of athletic activities.

District teachers and community volunteers led RAD courses, which included a total staff of 31 for this year's second semester.

CIS' club cuts Monday were part of the Moffat County Board of Education's annual review of groups to receive financial backing from the district.

Teachers leading the various clubs are eligible to receive a stipend from the district -- up to three percent of a base salary -- to buy supplies and fund activities for the clubs.

Joel Sheridan, assistant superintendent, said funding typically runs between $700 and $1,000 per teacher for each club.

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