TMH board needs to recognize generous contribution


To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the selection of a new hospital site.

The hospital placed an ad in the newspaper asking that people present possible sites acceptable for a new hospital. Requirements included having at least eight acres and available electrical power as well as gas, sewer and water.

I had a property on inventory that met most of those requirements. It was 10-plus acres and in an excellent location. The property is located south of U.S. Highway 40 south of the proposed extension of First Street.

I made a topographical map as well as a plot of the property as required. I then talked to the owners of the property about presenting the property to the board for the new hospital site. Their first thought was to present it as listed. Then they called me and said they would like to donate the property. The only stipulations were that the Realtor's commission be paid and an appraisal be acquired for tax purposes.

I presented all this information to the board and to this day I haven't had any acknowledgement that they got it. I talked to a couple of board members and they told me they had gotten it.

It seemed strange to me that a donated property was not worth mentioning and the properties toured were properties

with inflated price tags. Even if it was the most undesirable property in town, I feel that the board should have at least

written a letter to donors thanking them for their generosity.

Dan Kawcak,


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