Law addressing guns on city property valid


When Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta proposed to the city council Tuesday night that it pass a law banning weapons from city parks, pools and public buildings, it was met with uncertainty from some city councilors.

We think this law is good to have on the books and that the city council should act on it as soon as possible.

While Councilor Bill Johnston would argue that "they (criminals) don't care what the law is," the fact is we still have laws, don't we?

A criminal may not care that we have laws against assaulting another individual but that doesn't mean we should do away with outlawing assault, does it? Maybe we should get rid of speed limits since people are going to speed anyway.

The fact is guns belong on designated firing ranges or out in the field where hunting is not prohibited. Weapons have no business in city parks or public buildings and that is the bottom line.

Another argument is that this is a law addressing a problem that doesn't exist -- yet. City Councilor Tom Gilchrist, who raised this point Tuesday night, cannot guarantee there will never be a problem. So apparently we should wait until a problem does exist before taking action?

If the language of the law needs some tweaking, tweak it. But we agree with the chief of police that this law addresses a valid concern and is one that the city council has a responsibility to pass.

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