School district makes poor decision in letting good teacher go


To The Editor:

Last night I attended the spring music concert given by the Craig Middle School. This was an hour enjoyed totally by all who attended. We have many gifted young people in our community, and talented music teachers

I wish, however, to voice a point of concern. lt has been brought to my attention that one of those teachers is being let go, Mr. Ray Zentz. This, for me, is hard to understand.

As a member of the audience I was struck by a number of things. Presented to me was a group of smiling and eager young people. They looked polished in their choir robes and their behavior was professional -- a sign of a good leader, I think.

Their voices were clear and controlled (hard to do at this age!). They sang with joy, enthusiasm and compassion. Vocal parts were challenging, clear, and strong. Mr. Zentz clearly communicates well with his students -- a sign of an excellent teacher, I think.

Mr. Zentz during his time here has exposed our young people to opportunities they might never have had the chance to experience otherwise. Mr. Zentz has presented to our young people the myriad of wonderful music the world has to offer, music that covers a broad selection, ranging from simply entertaining to historical classics and music of faith. He has offered our children a vast field from which to choose his or her favorites -- a sign of a fearless and committed teacher of music, I think.

1 know personally that Mr. Zentz has also taken the time to encourage other music students not involved with the choirs -- a sign of a music teacher who believes in his job, I think.

1 am looking forward to the Moffat County High School Extravaganza on Tuesday. Both of my sons are eager to attend -- a sign of a teacher who has made a positive and strong impression, I think.

Why are we letting this fine teacher slip through our fingers? This is a tragedy -- of that I am certain.

Veronica A. Smith,

Parent and supporter of the arts

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