Something special on Saturday


More than 100 athletes from the Western Slope and Wyoming will converge on Craig Saturday to display their prowess and skills in the area's annual spring Special Olympic games.

The Olympics has always been a tradition at which people come together to celebrate humankind, good sportsmanship, competitiveness, compassion and perseverance.

The Special Olympics is no different and the residents of Moffat County should take pride in hosting such an event.

These athletes, who will be in record attendance this year, practice for months just for this shot at glory and those who have a chance should go out to Moffat County High School and cheer them on.

As with the Olympics, athletes will compete in aquatics competitions, power lifting feats and track and field events.

Their dedication, their character and courage already make them winners regardless of how many medals are won.

Community members and businesses have also proven themselves champions by supporting the Special Olympics through donations, sponsorship and by volunteering their time.

Saturday will offer athletes a chance to challenge each other and themselves. It will offer us a chance to be inspired by their perseverance.

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