Choir teacher charted success


To the Editor:

I want to give a thumbs up to Josh Nichols, writer of Tuesday's story "School board fires choir teacher." He did a great job, but unfortunately we do not feel that he covered the story as much as he should have.

Maybe as high schoolers we do not quite understand the big picture but we do understand this much: This town/school board is ignorant and unaware of current events. It is true that 10 choir students attended the school board meeting in their choir robes and it is true that the 30 choir students that signed the petition are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Leah and I can vouch for that. We have spent hours working with Mr. Ray Zentz in the choir and I myself have worked with him one-on-one for solo ensemble, which in the end earned me a superior rating from the judge, along with the other 19 out of 24 students who also received superior ratings this year alone.

With results like that do you really believe that we would just let a great choir teacher leave? Tom Thornberry made the statement "a superintendent has the authority to recommend non-renewal for any reason he/she deems sufficient" but let me ask you, what is wrong with a man who shares his views on school policies, who stands up for what he believes in and who expresses his views openly to try and make the school a better place?

Should this be put under the category of "poor communication?"

Not in our opinion.

What about "not adhering to school policies?" He has followed every "policy" that this "high standard" school has set for itself. What is their definition of "high standard?" Is "high standard" getting rid of a choir teacher who has taken us all the way to Carnige Hall? A choir teacher who received an invitation to Prague, Czechoslovakia?

Are we ever going to receive a chance like this in the future?

They also said they "had a belief that the school district could hire a better choir instructor." Where does that come from? You call that sufficient reasoning?

Yes, we took a stand on the subject. Don't you think that these reasons are not relevant and biased?

I'm not so sure if the school board knows what they are doing, but then again, if we are the ones that are wrong about Mr. Zentz being a successful, educated individual, then maybe we are the ones that owe you an apology.

Thank you for your time.

Katie Zwernik and Leah Williamson,


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