Reader: Landfill policies stink


To the Editor:

We, as people of Moffat County, need to stand up and be heard as far as our county dump is concerned.

Every spring it is the same old thing: You do a spring clean around your property, then drive to the dump to get rid of your garbage and there is a county worker there to tell you that you can't dump today because, of all things, the wind is blowing too hard.

And now they have the nerve to close the dump on Sunday when normal people have the time to go there. Most people only have the weekends to get this type of work done without trying to rush out there and do it on their lunch hour. But, we are paying overtime for county employees to be out there to tell you you can't dump because it is too windy. It is not the workers' fault; they're just following orders.

The city and county have people going around telling you that you need to clean your place up, but when you do, you can't get rid of what you cleaned up because the dump is closed.

The county has known about the wind problem for years and has done nothing about it. I will also bet you that when there are high winds during the week, the city's garbage trucks are not turned away.

I know for a fact that their garbage is not all bagged. In fact, I'll bet that most of the garbage that blows around the dump site is from those trucks.

I think the county officials who have made these stupid decisions need to wake up and smell the garbage because people like me are tired of making 30-mile round trips to the dump to return with their trucks and trailers still full of garbage! The cost of gas in this town is bad enough to be burning it up hauling garbage back and forth.

Plus, you raised the dump fees, so it costs taxpayers even more to get rid of their garbage besides the overtime and the running back and forth.

Moffat County needs to wake up and I hope this letter makes other people call or write and say what they think.

Stinking and fuming,

Ken Duncan,


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