People need to be respectful of others when outdoors


To the Editor:

Sunday, April 27 was a beautiful day in Craig, Colorado.

It was a wonderful day for walking on the nature trail at Loudy-Simpson with my grandchildren, which I did.

It was a great day to sit on a bench in that park and watch them play, which I did.

It was a lovely, peaceful day to read the book that I brought with me, which I did not do.

A white truck with a nice looking young man in it saw to that. He turned up the volume and the bass on his stereo with his choice of music and then intruded on my and everyone else's right to enjoy our Sunday afternoon in Loudy-Simpson Park.

My book got put away and soon I couldn't handle it any longer, I told my grandchildren we were going to leave. My grandson said "his music is too loud."

I love music, I love the park, I love my grandchildren, I love to read. I also love to do them all when I want to.

As the "outdoor season" begins, I would like to remind everyone to be respectful of others. Enjoy your music, in the park, in your car, and in your house, but don't make me listen to it. Thank you!

P.S. Another gentle reminder, the road at Loudy-Simpson in not a race track, please slow down, the park is full of kids.

Jeanne Stalcar,


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