The impact of a lack of funds


Moffat County could be getting robbed -- by the state of Colorado.

This week it was reported that state legislators have instructed the Department of Local Affairs to hold Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance funds.

Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance grants are awarded three times a year in April, August and December. DOLA was on the verge of sending award letters for the April grant cycle when the request to hold the funds was made. This means nearly $9 million worth of projects that the city of Craig and Moffat County have budgeted for will have to be put on hold if not cut back or done away with altogether.

The energy and mineral industries obviously play crucial roles in the area and Moffat County has come to rely on those funds.

The state, like many others throughout the country, face budget troubles but we believe dipping into Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance funds is wrong.

These funds are rooted in Moffat County and should come back to Moffat County to benefit its residents. While we can appreciate the financial turmoil the state now finds itself in, we urge state leaders to find another solution other than taking these energy- and mineral-related dollars.

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