Friends, relatives thanked for support during difficult time


To the Editor:

This letter can't possibly express all our gratitude for the support and prayers extended by friends, relatives and by people we don't even know on behalf of our granddaughter.

Prayer chains were activated for Elizabeth, not only in our own church, but also in churches all over Craig and two that participated from Denver.

Friends and relatives in California and other parts of Colorado were committed to supporting the prayers for her recovery and offered emotional support by their presence at the hospital.

Elizabeth's surgeon at Children's Hospital took her case to heart and had his whole family and his church praying for her. The most humbling part of all this is that God, in his wisdom and mercy, chose to heal Elizabeth and put her on the road to recovery.

Three weeks ago we were filled with grief. Today, although she has a way to go, we are counting the days until Elizabeth returns to Craig.

Almost as humbling as God's healing is the concern expressed by so many people. At least six times a day since Elizabeth became sick, someone has asked us how she is doing. People we work with, casual acquaintances and friends alike took our granddaughter into their hearts.

We offer our sincere thanks to all the people who participated in this "network of care," and continue to be amazed at the support our community offers to those in need.

Our special thanks go to the members of Faith Lutheran Church and to the loving employees and students at Ridgeview Elementary School. Last, but not least, residents of Colorado are extremely fortunate to have a hospital with such quality staff as those who work at Children's Hospital in Denver.

Blessings and thanks to all who have helped,

Barry and Shirley Arnold,


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