Now is the time to back our president


Now that President George W. Bush has given his ultimatum to Saddam Hussein -- leave Iraq in 48 hours or we will take you out -- it's time for the nation to rally around its leader.

Moffat County residents expressed a myriad of different opinions Tuesday, the morning after Bush spoke to the nation regarding why Saddam has to go.

And while residents may disagree on his policies and how we got here, now that a decision has been made, we need to support that decision because, by extension, that is how we support our troops.

As commander in chief, it is up to Bush to make difficult decisions that can lead to putting American men and women in harm's way.

But as difficult as those decisions are to make, it's his job to make them.

The United States already has learned the ugly lesson of what divisiveness can do to the soldier in the field from the turmoil of Vietnam that left a generation of troops disenfranchised because they were simply doing their jobs.

It isn't fair to expect them to put their lives on the line in Iraq while we stab them in the back at home.

The Craig Daily Press honors the troops who are now overseas and has given special recognition to those from Moffat County in its Hometown Heroes (see page 2 of this edition).

We encourage area residents to support our president and especially our troops.

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