Good .... but not good enough


In the last part of February, the Grand Futures Prevention Coalition, with assistance from the Craig Police and Moffat

County Sheriff's departments, held a compliance check regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.

Eight of 29 establishments -- or about 25 percent -- according to the coalition, sold minors alcohol illegally and were cited that

Friday night.

The sting operation used two youth who are currently enrolled in the CNCC Criminal Justice Program in Rangely. But it showed that it could have easily occurred under not-so-controlled circumstances. Businesses know better than to serve alcohol to minors and they agree to comply with the law when they receive their liquor licenses. What could be perceived as a simple oversight today could well become a tragic accident tomorrow if due diligence is not shown in the future. As a community that is close enough to rely upon its neighbors, we need to work harder to ensure that under-age drinking does not occur. With Spring Break right around the corner, some minors may be more tempted to try and buy alcohol -- it seems to be a misguided right of passage. But too many times this right of passage leads to tragedy. We urge area businesses to step up the effort to stop under-age drinking.

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