City needs plan before it collects sidewalk dollars


To the Editor:

I received an election notice asking me to vote for a mill levy increase on property tax to improve and construct sidewalks in Craig.

For many years property owners who have sidewalks along the street side of their property were required to pay for the sidewalk and to keep it in repair at their expense. Some time ago, probably the late 80s, this city ordinance was done away with because the city did not have manpower to enforce it. Since then, many sidewalks have deteriorated or have been taken out completely because this ordinance was not in effect.

Now the city wants ALL taxpayers to pay for sidewalks throughout the city. In principle it is not fair to ask those who already have sidewalks to help pay for those who do not have them.

Is the city prepared to enforce upkeep on these sidewalks and fine property owners for such things as not removing snow and ice in the winter? Is the city going to fine pedestrians for not using the sidewalks once they are installed? Where will the city get the manpower to monitor sidewalks, when there seems to already be a shortage to get things done around the city?

I ask the city council to reexamine this issue and look for another solution rather than raising taxes.

S.V. Beckett,


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