Stories for March 2003


Monday, March 31

Children's Festival set for April 12

The first years of a child's life are crucial, said Sarah Hepworth, chairperson of the Moffat County Early Childhood Coalition.

Craig teen killed in Utah accident

A Craig boy was killed Friday when a car driven by his sister rolled on Interstate 70 in Utah.

Area hospital sought for vets

County commissioners say they back the plan

Recently appointed veterans service officer Bill Harding to Moffat County commissioners Monday that having area vets travel more than 150 miles for health care is unacceptable.

MCHS senior enjoys all-star experience

"Who do you have? Who do you have?" Moffat County High School senior Kate Schafer asked a teammate about a defensive assignment when she realized something.

Accused sex offender enters not guilty plea

A 44-year-old man facing a possible life prison sentence pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of sexually assaulting his daughter.

Craig police

Sunday, March 30

Resident 'reborn' through community support

Craig resident Coral McConnell needed a new lung and on New Year's Eve she got one.

Spread of West Nile virus expected to worsen in the area

As concerns mount that the number of West Nile Virus cases will soar this summer, local officials are responding to the alert by preparing and educating.

Moffat County will receive $57,000 grant

Equal opportunity employment status put funding in question

Despite initial concerns about its status as an equal opportunity employer, Moffat County has moved forward with its application for a $57,000 domestic preparedness federal grant.

Election on sidewalk tax set for tomorrow

By placing a question on Tuesday's city ballot to increase property taxes by 1 mill for the construction of sidewalks, the Craig City Council is responding to public requests, city manager Jim Ferree said.

Robert Bamford

Angelo L. Pascetti

Andy Kitzman

Travis Doolin

Hazel Walk

French products pulled from store


Jordan Ferrell

Cody Ryan Duran

Thursday, March 27

Wrapping up the winter season

The Craig Daily Press would like to congratulate the Moffat County High School Bulldogs on a spectacular winter season.

Touch of spice

Leading by example

If you want to see what you look like -- what you really look like -- don't head toward a mirror. Look at your children.

Albert Paul Villard

Helen Katherine Jones


Craig police

County, environmental group clash over land use

Officials call organization's article attacking local government 'inaccurate'

A statewide environmental group's recent publication that claims Moffat County is threatening wild places has some local officials concerned about how they've been depicted.

Tax preparers gear up for last-minute rush

The taxman cometh.

Three criminal cases could be resolved Monday

Criminal cases involving at least three accused individuals could reach resolution Monday in Moffat County District Court.

Cole Musgrave

Sean Keller

Tyrel Miles

It's a family affair

Most traveled high school team values time with each other and rodeo community

As several members of the Moffat County High School rodeo team line up for a picture on their horses, Flo Martin's horse becomes a little camera shy.

Wednesday, March 26

Fund-raising company hired by hospital wants to quit

So far The Memorial Hospital Foundation has raised $267,000 in the community for construction of a new hospital in Craig.

Meeting to focus on transportation needs

Craig-area public transportation needs will be the focus of an open forum Tuesday, as a combined-entity planning effort eyes a state grant to help meet those demands.

Albert P. Villard

Beer, bowling and buddies

A night out at the Craig Lanes with the Northwest Colorado Men's League

Steven Baptist watches his ball rotate over the greased alley with a dream. He visualizes that one day he will eye his ball along with hundreds of spectators on the professional circuit.

Bleeding the Black Ink

'Embed with' or 'In bed with'?

With the start of the war against Iraq last week, the nation has seen some incredible -- almost real time -- images of the conflict that, in its beginning seemed like it might be short and sweet, but has since proven to be painful, ugly and a little overwhelming.

Derick Keenan Schmidt

Cory Kenneth Ferrier

Christos Steven Maneotis

Nicole M. Simones

Wes Musgrave

Cory Hixson

William M. Schaefer

Christopher Craig

Craig police

Learning to cope

Families keep their faith and hope with loved ones in harm's way

"Well, well, well ... this is a crazy place."

Cynthia Vallem

Joshua Haptonstall

Levi Durham

Timothy M. Warden

Jadyn LaRyn Robson

Dustin Swenson

Mike Benedick


Tuesday, March 25

John Staggs

Watching the war at home

Area residents find coverage of the fight in Iraq overwhelming -- and unavoidable

Karla Morris' more pressing "shock and awe" was a Wednesday morning plumbing emergency, which had water running into a family bathtub and Morris on a quick trip to Safeway to deal with the problem.

Local student receives national honor for news writing

When the news broke last year that three students had threatened to blow up Moffat County High School, the high school newspaper staff already had its newspaper laid out for that month.

Craig woman charged with first-degree attempted murder

A 49-year-old Craig woman who allegedly shot her boyfriend last week was advised Tuesday in Moffat County Court on a three-count complaint filed by the District Attorney's office.

All-winter athletes

A state championship, a conference title, a conference runner-up and 11 state qualifiers seem to be a healthy resume for Moffat County High School athletics in the winter season of '02-'03.

Speaking out on freedom of speech

Former Craig Mayor Saed Tayyara spoke to the local AARP this week about the brutality that some Middle Eastern regimes clutch closely to themselves so that any dissenters are not only quashed but are never seen nor heard from again.

Iola LaVurn Zimmerman


Tyler McWilliams

Jonathan Whitaker

Talon Jayne

David Wade

Matthew A. Frederickson (Chase)

City reviews liquor license process

The Craig City Council's process for renewing liquor licenses came into question Tuesday night when members considered renewing a license for one of the 8 establishments in Moffat County cited for serving alcohol to a minor.

Monday, March 24

Seminar offers tax info for small businesses

Got that clean-burning fuel deduction marked on this year's tax return?

Dental coalition to provide trip

"Miles for Smiles" it's not.



Thelma Mae Rogers


Thane Bacon

Richard D. "Dick" Wilson


Cabin fever

Instead of worrying about sand traps, water hazards and a wicked slice, the Moffat County High School girls golf team's biggest problem so far this season has been overcoming cabin fever.

Former mayor provides insight on Middle East

Saed Tayyara recalls oppressive Syrian regime, relationship to Iraq

When former Craig Mayor Saed Tayyara was a teenager in his native country of Syria, his father told him he'd better move to the United States.

Craig police

Insurance overhaul

Local agents say auto coverage problem not easily solved

The Colorado Legislature has killed two automobile insurance bills this month that would have kept the no-fault automobile accident laws in effect. Without a change, Colorado will revert to a tort system in which accident victims must go to court to collect damages.

Sunday, March 23

Police continue shooting investigation

Court documents allege 49-year-old Sandra Moore shot her boyfriend as he laid on a couch while a second bullet struck a living room television, as Craig police continue to look for answers in the case.

Thane Bacon

Hometown heroes

The following are the names of members of the Armed Services who are from Craig serving overseas:

Swimmers net state-qualifying performances

By the end of the season, John Shipley wants to have his name on the record board six times at the Moffat County High School natatorium.

Exorcising the Demons

Bulldog bats pummel Glenwood in double header

While it was too early for killer bees to be in Colorado Friday, the killer Js of Moffat County in a double header attacked the Union High School Cougars.

Brokers urge cautious investing

Economic forecasts based on war forecasts may not be as accurate as some believe

The outbreak of war in Iraq is revising everyone's economic forecast, while local brokers aren't putting too much stock in last week's market rally.

Sharing her vision

Evelyn Tileston continues fight for rights of the disabled

Evelyn Tileston has made a wide mark in advancing the rights and improving the lifestyles of Moffat County's disabled population. It's a mark she can't see, but it's one she feels and hears every time a disabled person gets the benefits they're entitled to, learns necessary skills, and even when they're able to get from their home to the grocery store.

'Music Man' hits all the right notes in Meeker

The Meeker High School auditorium was packed on the opening night of the "Music Man."

Thursday, March 20

Edgar "Bud" Wayne Earley


Planning for cooperation

When it comes to cooperation, city and county governments anywhere are notorious for giving each other the cold shoulder.

Craig man who was allegedly shot by girlfriend in stable condition

A 49-year-old woman is being held on $250,000 bond in the alleged shooting of her boyfriend Thursday night.

First Bill Lawrence Classic a success

For 18 years, the names Bill Lawrence and Craig AAU boys basketball have been synonymous.

Jerry Morrison

Blizzard impacts Craig mail, package delivery

Colorado's Front Range blizzard has mail creeping into the U.S. Post Office in Craig and left local officials guessing as to when things might return to normal.

Praying for peace

Local church officials see people turning to church in time of war

With war upon the nation, local church leaders say many area residents will try to make sense out of the conflict through God.

Violette May Joy Bartlett

Dinosaur school closer to closing

Alternatives to the closure of Dinosaur Elementary School received a chilly reception at a rainy Thursday night meeting of the Moffat County Board of Education in Maybell.

Touch of Spice

The magic of television

I'm a little ashamed to say it, but television is a cornerstone in my life. That doesn't mean I don't carve out time to read, listen to music and, of course, play with my children.

Wednesday, March 19

Three survive plane crash near Kremmling

Three occupants of a fixed-wing air ambulance survived a crash near Kremmling Wednesday night.

Options for airport beacon investigated

The beacon for the Moffat County airport has set atop Breeze Mountain for 50 years, and county officials want to keep it there.

Attempted murder suspect's case sent to district court

Judge Mary Lynne James Tuesday sent a case involving a Craig man who is charged with attempted second-degree murder to district court.

Keith Gillam

John Michael Babor

Group names CNCC's Morris 2002 'Woman of the Year'

Craig resident Mary Morris had a childhood filled with violence and disruption and faced the challenges of parenthood as a young adult. Today, she is a successful professional who has been named the 2002 Craig Working Women's "Woman of the Year."

Robert W. Jagger


Craig police

Stud Boy

Five-year-old, A.J. Stoffle, takes his snocross seriously

When A.J. Stoffle sees snow his eyes get big and his excitement level jumps just like any other five year old. The difference is that instead of visions of snowmen and snow caves, he thinks about catching some air, grabbing the corners and fresh powder.

Drought may ease up -- but not enough

Early signs indicate the worst drought in three centuries may ease this summer, but experts say it may be years until the land recovers, meaning farmers who irrigate are still at risk of a poor growing season.

Jerry Morrison

Hometown heroes

The following are the names of members of the Armed Services who are from Craig serving overseas:

Bleeding the Black ink

The politics of advertising

Effective and straightforward political advertising campaigns are almost as hard to sort through as the actual campaigns themselves.

Tuesday, March 18

Teachers try to address war with tact in classrooms

With war in Iraq looming, local teachers recognize that history is happening around them and want to make sure their students do too.

War situation prompts few tighter security measures

Imminent war in Iraq will trigger few heightened security measures at key area companies or entities, officials said Tuesday.

Now is the time to back our president

Now that President George W. Bush has given his ultimatum to Saddam Hussein -- leave Iraq in 48 hours or we will take you out -- it's time for the nation to rally around its leader.

Mix of old and new

Jim Vorhies hesitates to call the five sophomores on his swim team the Fab Five, but he doesn't disagree that they are a group with talent beyond their years.

Back to the drawing board

Proposed city, county master plan could see major revisions before adoption

It's back to the drawing board for writers of the Moffat County/City of Craig Master Plan -- a plan that has undergone three sets of public meetings and was scheduled to be adopted by the Moffat County Board of Commissioners and the Craig City Council in the next two weeks.

Lavurn Zimmerman

Keith Gillam

Urban development boundary standards come under debate

Those planning any construction within the urban development boundary will face much stricter standards than those in other parts of the county by mid-2004.

Monday, March 17

County officials disagree over master plan

Several changes are being made to the proposed Moffat County/City of Craig Master Plan, but including the county's land use plan as volume two of the document is not going to be one of them -- an issue that might come to a head at a master plan public meeting tonight.

Killer instinct

With six seniors in the starting lineup and an abundance of pitchers, the baseball team looks to earn a state berth

A Moffat County hat, black long- sleeve shirt, baseball pants and boots were the uniform for senior Eric Bastow as the Moffat County High School baseball team practiced amidst the rain with a mini-moat around their field Monday afternoon.

Moffat County Combined Court fees increase

Costs of doing business at Moffat County Combined Courts increased today -- a week after state budget cuts left one less hour for court business. New fees mean residents using the court system will pay 50 percent more in one-time charges, under legislation passed earlier this month which went into effect Tuesday without Gov. Bill Owens' signature.

Residents share mixed reactions to war

Between coffee sips and quick sandwich bites at McDonald's, Randy Kline, 60, thumbed through the morning papers' war whispers and President Bush's final warning for Saddam Hussein.

Thelma Rogers

County could lose $57K grant

Moffat County may not meet 'equal opportunity employer' guidelines

The Moffat County Emergency Management Department was recently awarded a $57,000 state domestic preparedness federal grant.

Sunday, March 16

Man charged in shooting scheduled to return to court

A Craig man facing an attempted murder charge is scheduled to return to Moffat County Court Tuesday.

Loss a step in the right direction for soccer

Freshman Kelly Labor had never played in a Steamboat Springs/Moffat County High School soccer game.

Thelma Rogers

Dick Wilson

Local vets recall anxiety of waiting

Anxiety, anticipation, apprehension, and stress -- those are just a few of the words that Jim Meineke, Ned Miller and Ray Talkington, all armed forces veterans, used to describe what the troops in Persian Gulf are experiencing in the waning moments of a possible war with Iraq.

Craig police

'Thank you for keeping us safe'

Maybell students express gratitude toward soldier

Maybell Elementary School students are doing their part to show a soldier overseas that they are thinking about him.

Pride, prayer and patriots

Families discuss the anxiety, confidence they have for loved ones overseas

Valerie Pfifer and her daughter, 11-year-old Challyn Pfifer, sit on the couch and page through a scrapbook of pictures of their son and brother, Sean Keller.

Locals show their stuff at talent show

What nerves?

Thursday, March 13

Agency could see more requests due to state budget cuts

Moffat County United Way has allocated record amounts to member agencies, while officials say they're prepared handle more requests from some of the same cash-starved groups.


Sex offender could lose probation

Judge Michael O'Hara Monday could revoke probation for a sex offender convicted in Moffat County two years ago.

Dick Wilson

Back to the future

Girls team plans to get back on track with what the team did two years ago

What's been the biggest transition for Vicki Haddan from jumps coach to head coach of the Moffat County High School girls track team?

Tamara Lynn Klinetobe


Touch of Spice

Destructive little suckers aren't they?

Do you know what pregnancy does to a body?

The talent of the weekend

This weekend offers two great opportunities for the community to enjoy some camaraderie with its neighbors, some laughs and appreciation of the talents of gifted Moffat County residents.

Luncheon focuses on future of foundation

Organization emphasizes women's issues including politics, economics, health

The Women's Foundation of Colorado believes that the success of women in a community is essential to the success of the community.

Soccer team sinks Pirates

To put a four-goal game in perspective for the Moffat County High School girls soccer team one must go to the record books.

Wednesday, March 12

MCHS students make 'Fools' of themselves

Play promises silliness and laughter from actors, audience

Most actors don't want to look stupid on stage when they perform.

Residents weigh in on rec center amenities

After the children left, adults stuck red and blue stickers to posters Wednesday as residents weighed in on early plans for a local recreation center, which could be decided by voters in November.

Ready to surprise

After several years of struggles, the MCHS girls soccer team hopes this is the year things will change

When she was a freshman, Jeni Bamford made a deal with four of her friends. If they came out for soccer, she would go out for the swim team. Now as a senior, Bamford smiles when she thinks about which team benefited more.

Bleeding the Black Ink

The Freedom Forum is an eye-opener

While there are hundreds of Web sites dedicated to the issues of journalism, one of the most educational is produced by the Freedom Forum.

Grace E. Valdez


Craig police

Former Mount Harris resident recalls town, times

In the middle of the drive between Craig and Steamboat is a memorial on the side of the road that commemorates men who died in a mining explosion more than 60 years ago.

NCT contract changes proposed

'Phone card' account could be used for other expenses

Moffat County is proposing more changes to its three-year-old contract with NC Telecom to pay the Meeker company for a video link installed in January between the Moffat County Courthouse and Public Safety Center.

Tuesday, March 11

County continues to receive grants

Federal monies continue to pour into Moffat County's Emergency Management Office, as Clyde Anderson's department last week received word of $57,180 in approved fiscal year 2002 grant funding under the U.S. Department of Justice's Domestic Preparedness program.

Golfers improve by 40 strokes in one day

What a difference a day makes for the Moffat County High School girls golf team.

'Dogs baseball starts season with hot bats

Montrose -- Revenge was sweet for the Moffat County High School baseball team in its first game of the season.

Officials say record-setting elk hunt still not enough

The Craig-Meeker area yielded 27 percent of Colorado's record-setting elk harvest last year while hunter-success rates hit 50 percent in several local game management units, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Jacalyn Mae McGee


Jimmy (Jim) L. Schwindt


Joseph (Joe) E. Sines


Helen Katherine Jones


Craig police

Good .... but not good enough

In the last part of February, the Grand Futures Prevention Coalition, with assistance from the Craig Police and Moffat County Sheriff's departments, held a compliance check regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.

District expresses concern over future of Amendment 23

State officials want to modify an amendment that requires a certain percentage of state dollars to go to education every year. And their discussions have the attention of school officials in Moffat County.

City council approves letter of support for new hospital

Craig City Council members met The Memorial Hospital board halfway Tuesday night when they voted 6-1 to write a letter of support for the proposed new hospital.

Smoke signals

Routt County emergency manager urges agency communication before the wildfires start

Routt County Emergency Manager Chuck Vale showed a picture of a fire-blackened home with a scorched vehicle in the front yard to a group of Northwest Colorado emergency responders Tuesday.

Monday, March 10

Suspect in Internet scam a no-show in Moffat County

A man who allegedly ran a $45,550 Internet automobile scam surrendered to Oklahoma authorities last week and was released under conditions he show up in Moffat County.

Nurse gains regional recognition from peers

Ann Irvin, a 17-year veteran of the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, was honored Saturday with the first-ever Nursing Clinical Care Award by a regional nurses association.

Craig police

Mary Jean (Morgan) Nadler


Edward Merel Rogers


County's telecommunications

Sterling Cook


Public input sought in master plan process

Residents will have one last opportunity to comment on what will become the blueprint for future planning in Moffat County.

County reduces landfill fee hike

Threat of losing city business to Milner prompts commissioners to reconsider

A month after raising commercial-industrial waste fees at the landfill $9 a ton, the Moffat County commissioners reduced that increase slightly in a Monday meeting.

Violette Bartlett

Mike Benedick

Strength in numbers

MCHS returns with talent on one of the largest teams in the Western Slope

The early signs of spring are upon us.

Sunday, March 9

Holmes M. Shefstead


City council to reconsider hospital letter

The third time could be the charm, hospital officials are hoping.

Cassidy Jean Sampley

Mary Lucille Wuest

Emily Gladys Benedick



Howard W. Ritchie Jr.


Michael Nolan

John 'Jack' Babor

John A. Filkoski


Rec center meeting to look at amenities

Tentative plans for what's likely to be included in a local recreation center will be displayed Wednesday as a steering committee eyes a ballot question this fall.

Jesse James Rogers

An appealing retirement

Claus Hume, former prosecutor and district court judge in Craig, hangs up his robes for the state Court of Appeals

From Craig attorney to Colorado Court of Appeals chief judge, a three-decade legal career was nearly full circle for Claus Hume late February in Hot Sulphur Springs.

Cougar midgets capture

Steamboat Springs -- Winning championships brings all kinds of celebrations. Some teams pour the water cooler on their coach's head, the professional teams break out the champagne in the locker room, and the Craig Cougars midgets streak around the ice arena in their socks and skivvies.

Livestock, wildlife in feeding frenzy

Drought conditions make grazing for all a battle

Drought conditions that forced ranchers across state lines in search of hay have also brought deer and elk to the low country in search of food.

Thursday, March 6

Joe Joseph Lavick Jr.


Gerald O. "Jerry" Shelton


Dolores Julia Sinden


Tamara Lynn Klinetobe


Hearing delayed for arson suspect

A sentencing hearing scheduled Monday for a 62-year-old arson suspect has been delayed.

Feds sign jail agreement

Detainees held by three federal entities can be housed at the Moffat County Public Safety Center under the terms of a deal inked this week between the sheriff's office and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Murderer mystery

Museum offers reward for information on gunman who disappeared in 1926

Gunman Bob Meldrum was a wanted man on several occasions during his roaming of the western United States in the early 1900s.

Raymond Norman Tipton Sr.


Tessona Marie A. Gonzalez

Ellina Helen Jones

Gladys Shirley Self


Read on

Over the past week, the Craig Daily Press and the Moffat County School District celebrated Read Across America Week and Newspapers in Education Week through a variety of events.

Cougar midgets lace up for league tourney

The Craig Cougars midget hockey team is playing its best hockey of the season, according to coach Darrin Hickey.

Touch of Spice

Pee pee in the potty

We've sort of started working with Katie on the skill of potty training, which probably explains why she only sort of gets it.

Josephine Lee Bales

Austin Marshall Williams

Frank Eldon Culverwell


Craig police

Wednesday, March 5

Jackie McGee

Samuel Dunn

Grace Valdez

School's future discussed

Dinosaur residents express mixed feelings about possible closure

Dinosaur -- The possible closure of Dinosaur Elementary School has some residents scared that it could be the death knell of the community while others say it might be good for students.

Services for juvenile delinquents face more budget cuts

Kelly Goodwin's anger is tempered by one question faced this week by youth corrections and law enforcement officials statewide: How bad could it get?

Recall committee retains Steamboat Springs attorney

"Concerned Taxpayers of Moffat County" has retained a Steamboat Springs attorney to investigate issues raised by the group regarding the recall of two Moffat County commissioners.

Mike Benedick

Boys lose lead, game in final minute

Denver -- Most times a three-point loss in the state playoffs brings out the "if-we-only-would-have" thoughts that will haunt a coach until the next season.

Tuesday, March 4

Cuts could impact Partners' activity

Having dropped one full-time position in the wake of state budget cuts, Moffat County Partners' director said lost revenues could also impact activities in some mentorship programs.

Deputy gets ticket from accident

The District Attorney's office Tuesday filed a minor traffic infraction against a Moffat County Sheriff's deputy involved in a Feb. 7 accident that resulted in injuries.

Paying now or paying later

Local social service agencies left with emaciated budgets since last July are fearing what is right around the corner when the state Legislature decides who will be at the wrong end of the financial ax.

Walter L. McCart


Kalub Martin Kapphan


Frances M. Chambers


Mary E. Drolc


Festival offers life skills for students

When Moffat County High School senior Treva Tyler goes away to Oregon State University next fall, she said she's confident she has the skills necessary to live on her own.

Seniors express final thoughts on season, sport

Longmont -- The saying on the Moffat County High School girls basketball team sweatshirt reads, "The fundamentals of the game never change, just the name of the players that use them."

Over too early

Moffat County girls basketball team ends post-season play

Longmont -- Surprise! The Longmont High School Trojans have guards who can shoot, too.

Budget bind

State could try to tweak funding amendments that have left agencies broke

DENVER -- Taxpayers might have outsmarted themselves in 1992 when a majority voted for a Taxpayers Bill of Rights, which is meant to limit tax increases and government spending.

Monday, March 3

Craig police

State budget cuts trim court business hours

Colorado's budget crunch will soon leave residents with one less hour for business at the Moffat County Combined Courts office.

Jackie McGee

Luella Hawkins


Boys set for first playoff game in four seasons with 'good draw' in first round

Anthony Loughran before practice on Monday turned to Pablo Loya and asked, "Hey isn't it nice that we're actually practicing after districts?"

Five for five

City council race will be no contest for incumbents

After spending an estimated $5,000, residents of Craig won't see many changes in their elected officials.

Western Slope loses voice on commission

For the past four years, the hunting-rich territory of Northwest Colorado has had a voice on the state's Wildlife Commission on such hot-button issues as chronic wasting disease, permit fees and endangered species.

Bulldogs prepare for state playoffs

Girls face the inside presence of No. 9 Longmont

Jeni Jones and Brandie Telfer have their biggest challenges of the season tonight -- figuratively and literally.

Sunday, March 2

The spirit of scouting

Girl scouts strive for bronze medal -- one of the highest honors they can earn -- and help one of their own in the process

Local members of the Girl Scout 201 troop worked all afternoon Sunday collecting money, dipping chili, serving drinks and clearing tables.

Wilsons celebrate 50th

Water, insurance top area issues

Chamber of commerce sends representatives to talk to legislators

Denver -- Health care, budget cuts and water issues are among Western Slope residents' top concerns and those concerns are echoed among Western Slope legislators.

Craig man alleged victim in Internet scam

A Craig man was among three people who lost a combined $45,550 in an alleged Internet automobile purchase scam.

Meeker County commissioner shows no sign of slowing

Although Forrest Nelson is getting closer to the age of retirement, he has no interest in slowing down.

Thirds all around for MCHS at districts

Boys team pleased with win against Rifle, third place

Grand Junction -- The shooting slump is officially over for Moffat County High School senior Pablo Loya. After shooting 4-18 from the three-point arch in the first two games of the district tournament, Loya was 6-10 Saturday night against Rifle leading the Bulldogs to a 62-42 win for third place.

Thirds all around for MCHS at districts

District 'curse' still alive in girls

Grand Junction -- A first seed, the district tournament and Moffat County High School girls basketball team don't make a winning combination.

Helen Jones

Raymond N. Tipton Sr.

Harrises celebrate 50th