Craig Rockies rally to get into championship game


Going into its final at bat, the Craig 10&U Rockies team was down four runs to Hayden and the bottom of the order was due up.

For some, the position would have looked bleak, but the Rockies' coaches had a feeling things would go their way.

"I knew it was doable," said Dick Connor. "But the bottom of the order had to be huge for us."

The seventh and eighth hitters did come up huge for the Rockies as they reached base -- including Koy Bohrer's first hit of the season -- and eventually scored. When Louie Neil crossed the plate for the winning run, the team had two outs to spare.

"The Hayden team had improved a lot since we played them in the regular season," Connor said after his team's 16-15 win. "They really played well."

Hayden had the lead several times throughout the game, at 7-3

and 15-11.

The win for the Rockies, who came into the tournament as the second seed with an 8-3 record, makes it the only team from Craig to make it to the final in either the 10&U or the 11&12 age group.

It also sets up a rematch with regular season nemesis, Meeker II. The Meeker team has beat the Rockies twice this season by a total of three runs.

Connor said that in both games Meeker jumped out early and for the Rockies to have a chance in the championship that can't happen. The test to see if the Rockies can get the first jump and a win in the third meeting begins 5:45 p.m. Wednesday at Woodbury Park.

Meeker, 13, Craig Cardinals, 9

Going into the 11&12 boys baseball tournament, nobody had found a way to beat Meeker. The Cowboys were 12-0 and the clear favorite, but if anybody knew the Meeker team well, it was Nick Moyer and Kelton Willbanks of the Cardinals.

"We play with them on the weekends," said Moyer, who was sporting his hat that he wears for the team. "All but two of the guys on that team are on our weekend team."

Willbanks and Moyers' Craig squad jumped out to an early 8-0 lead after its first at bat, and forced the Cowboys into catch up mode.

Meeker chipped away each inning and held the Cardinals to one run the rest of the game. They took the lead in the fourth and held on to win, 13-9, and will play in the championship game Wednesday at Woodbury Park.

"This team was a really fine group of kids," coach Steve Hafey said of his Cardinals. "For a team that was 6-6 we gave an undefeated team a good fight."

Hayden Scorpions, 18, Craig Diamondbacks, 8

All was going well for the 11&12 Craig Diamondbacks until the Scorpions came up in the fifth. The Scorpions scored 11 runs in the inning to break the game open.

"We couldn't have played with Hayden at the beginning of the season," coach Jason Mosher said. "These guys really improved into a good team."

The second seeded Scorpions came in as the favorites with a 7-5 regular season record.

The win sets up a top-seed championship game between Meeker and Hayden for 5:45 p.m. Wednesday at Woodbury Park.

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