Softball team doesn't dwell on tourney loss


The Pro Image girls softball team was making a comeback and it was going to let everybody hear about it.

With the chain-link fence shaking and fists pounding on the tin walls of the dugout, the team filled the Loudy-Simpson air with shreeks and shrills and an occasional ping of an aluminum bat.

The team started its last at bat down, 19-2, but it had come back against Hayden's Food Mill team to make it 19-16.

That was as close as Pro Image would get as the rally fell short with a ground out to first base. With the loss, the team's bid to make it to the championship game from the top bracket was gone.

The players weren't too affected by the loss.

"We've won a lot of games this year," said Whitney Schneider. "So losing isn't that big of a deal."

With the oldest players on the team being 12, there were no tears or frowns after the game.

"We just came to have some fun," said Keanna Causer. "We get to play with our friends and sometimes we get to win."

She also said that sometimes the team's parents take things a little serious.

"My dad talks to the umpires sometimes," she said. "It kind of embarrasses me."

Causer wasn't too embarrassed to sing one of the cheers that the team made up, a must-have for a girls softball game. She sang the Pro Image version of "swing batter."

The team has made more than new cheers. They've made new friends.

Amber Bartee and Jayme Colvin now call each other on the phone during the days.

"We go over to each other's house," Colvin said. "I like having them (Amber and her sister) on my team."

The team will break out the cheers at 4:30 p.m. today and if it wins it will have a rematch against Food Mill. The girls weren't sure how many times they'd played the team from Hayden and if they had beaten them. The final consensus was that they had beat the team once before.

Really though, the team already had its pizza party so there are no worries about tonight's games.

"I just like being able to play with my team," said Jessica Matthews. "We've become friends and we like playing together."

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