Non-profit groups come together to outline needs


Craig residents attending Thursday's Northwest Community Resource Center community forum said non-profit organizations need administrative support, board training and most importantly, money.

They'll get all of those things and more once the NCRC, which is in planning stages now, is formally established.

The goal of NCRC is to offer support to non-profit groups that may not have the staff or the money to grow their programs. It will also assist people with the idea of starting a non-profit organization.

"What don't you have currently that if you had would enable you to do something," NCRC steering committee chairman Pres Askew asked the group of nearly 20.

Additional funding was the number one answer and Askew said he believes NCRC will provide the answer by writing grants for non-profit agencies and connecting those agencies with funding sources they may not have time to pursue now.

"We've got a good concept here," Askew said. "One thing that was easily apparent to me is that there's never enough money. My vision is that we bring in significant sums of money into the community. Keep in mind, I said 'bring in.' I don't want to have a nickel come from the Craig community except in special cases where money is needed to match grant funds."

Connecting non-profit organizations with funding isn't all the NCRC will be established to do.

It will offer a tax-exempt umbrella to non-profit groups, provide start-up training, board development, collaboration among agencies, community outreach, financial management, marketing, leadership training, staff

development, strategic planning and

program evaluation.

NCRC will train non-profit organizations on how to do any of those tasks, but the plan is to do the work for those groups -- whether it be grant writing, bookkeeping or creating brochures.

All for free or a nominal fee.

"We find the money and we provide the services and resources so individuals and organizations don't say 'We can't do it because we can't find the resources,'" Askew said. "We have an opportunity here to all benefit."

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