City approves road work expenditures


The Craig City Council approved an expenditure for road work Tuesday night that began six days earlier and is nearly complete.

City Public Works Director Bill Earley said the decision to begin without formal approval was necessary because the contractor, Connell Resources Inc. out of Steamboat Springs, called June 17 and said it was ready to begin the following day. The company won't be available again until late August and Earley said other roads that had been approved for overlays weren't prepared at the time.

"We had no choice," Earley said.

He called each council member and asked for informal permission to spend an additional $67,747 for the city's 2003 asphalt overlay project.

Because asphalt is inexpensive now, the council agreed earlier to push its overlay budget as far as possible, but the streets that would get upgraded had not been identified.

The additional paving was on Stock Drive, 4th Street, Clay Avenue and Bonderud Drive.

The 1982 Craig Transportation Plan recommended paving Stock Drive.

"This is the first step in completing that work," Earley said.

The council voted unanimously to approve the expenditure, which puts the city within its 2003 budget for street overlays and alley paving.

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