Visitors' experience while driving through Craig both bad and good


To the Editor:

This is a tale of good vs. evil. I'm writing this letter for two reasons:

First, I want the people of Moffat County to know that there are dangerous, thoughtless people running loose among you! Second, I want the people of Moffat County to know that there are wonderful, kind and generous people running loose among you, as well.

On June 14, we were driving between Maybell and Craig just past midnight. My friend and I were heading to Denver from Salt Lake City and figured we would stay overnight in Craig or Steamboat Springs.

About 5 miles outside Maybell, someone had carefully placed highway construction signs flat on the roadway so that by the time you saw them, you hit them. This act of violence went far beyond a simple prank and we could have easily been seriously injured or killed.

We struck one of several signs that were laid out in the road. The damage to the underside and cooling system of our car was severe and we were forced off the road. As we sat at the side of Highway 40 at 12:45 a.m. wondering what our next move would be, a couple of young men came along in a truck and offered to give us a ride into town. They took us around to several motels but there were no vacancies for the weekend. We finally found, apparently, the last room in town at 2 a.m. These young men then offered to go back out on Highway 40 and tow our wrecked car back into town. They delivered our disabled vehicle to a local car lot and disappeared. We felt that they went beyond the call of duty or kindness in helping us.

You can understand why it was upsetting to have people, including law enforcement officers, suggest that these young men who gave us a ride and towed our car were the ones who laid the trap. The theory is that they felt so guilty at seeing the damage they caused and feared the serious legal consequences that they jumped in to rescue us. We don't know what to think now.

What we do know is that we will be paying off about $800 in extra trip expenses that just weren't in the budget. We drove instead of taking a plane because we wanted to see the country side and we couldn't afford the airfare at this time.

Dean Dimick and his wife, Lisa, at Auto Radiator Services in Craig, went way out of their way, literally, to help us out. We left the car with Dean while he ordered a new radiator from Denver. Lisa ran us out to the airport because, like the motel rooms, all the rental cars in Craig were gone. We went on with our visit to Denver and upon returning the rental car, Dean came to the airport and drove us back into Craig. Then, as if this wasn't enough, he helped me install the new radiator, using his shop and tools!

So, what began as a dangerous and senseless act committed against two visitors passing through Moffat County was turned into something positive because good-hearted people overcame the evil caused by lesser human beings. We just wanted you to know.

Bill Lines and Janet Trunnell

Salt Lake City, Utah

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