Burglaries slow after news report


A rash of daytime burglaries in Craig came to a halt following a June 14 Craig Daily Press report that surveillance in residential neighborhoods had been increased, Craig Police Department Lt. John Forgay said Tuesday.

That brings both good and bad news for the Craig Police Department.

Investigators had hoped that increased surveillance would lead them to an arrest. On the other hand, no crime is always good news, Forgay said.

Following a two-week rash of eight burglaries with enough common elements to be considered connected, the police department identified several suspects, but the investigation slowed because there have been no burglaries in the last week that matched the same pattern.

"We're looking at some suspects," Forgay said. "We were trying to catch them in the act. Either they decided to stop or hold off."

Forgay said he is confident that through witness accounts and tips from residents, the investigation will end in one or more arrests.

The suspects now under investigation fit the late teen, early 20s profile officials created based on the method of entry and the items taken, Forgay said.

The items taken were usually money, PlayStations and games. In one burglary, a .40-caliber handgun was stolen.

The department made an arrest on June 12 for a daytime burglary, but Forgay said he believes the suspect was not connected to the other burglaries.

"We're just in the process of putting the puzzle together," Forgay said.

On June 13, the department issued a memo to postal workers, city employees, Yampa Valley Electric Association and Bresnan Communications asking them to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious that occurred while on their routes.

Most of the homes burglarized have been in an area north of Victory Way, east from School Street to Colorado Street and as far north as the 1100 block of Lincoln St.

Several of the homes were approached from the alley and were entered by removing screens from unlocked windows, according to the department memo.

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