Paintball tourney to color weekend


The new outdoor paintball facility at Area 51 is ready and it is set to be christened at a tournament Saturday.

The facility, which opened a few weeks ago will be hosting between eight and 12 teams for the tournament that starts at 8 a.m. and goes until 3 or 4 p.m.

The competition will be a capture the flag format and is point based. Points are awarded for many accomplishments including:

  • points for the first flag


  • points for carrying the flag to its origin point
  • points for eliminating players and
  • points for players left remaining

Teams, which can be composed of all ages and either sex, consist of three persons.

"We have a few teams that show up regularly but we are always trying to expand," said Peter Ducharme, co-owner of Area 51.

Tournaments at Area 51 attract teams from many surrounding towns, including Grand Junction, Steamboat Springs and Meeker. A team will be playing from Gestault on Saturday. Every team plays every other team during the tournament and all normal rules apply.

"It is a fun time because it is an intense sport and it is a very popular spectator sport," said Peter Ducharme, who says that last year's attendance at tournaments reached 100 people.

Area 51 has scheduled seven tournaments for this season, one every month until November.

"We are trying to make this more of a sport and trying to start

a league."

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