Meeker marathon runner sprints for more than just a finish line


When it comes to minding one's health, some people may reach for the medicine cabinet.

Tony Weiss grabs his sneakers.

Weiss, a longtime resident of Meeker and owner of Fawn Creek Gallery, began the "recreational hobby" of running a few years ago when he recognized the need to pay closer attention to his health.

Since that time, his enthusiasm has grown as well as his desire to push himself farther.

"You compete against yourself on a regular basis in order to beat your own time," Weiss said.

He said he runs every day, year round, when he is

training for upcoming long-distance events.

Forty-five miles is the average distance he runs per week but that number drops to a mere 35 when he is not actively training.

Weiss said he has learned to enjoy the workouts.

"The endorphins kick in and you get what they call a 'runner's high.' It's addicting," he said.

Weiss said he is not only running for his health but he hopes he can serve as a role model for the younger generation of Meeker.

"Our kids need more mentors. They need to see more activity in parents. If not parents, then perhaps other individuals and organizations," Weiss said.

Weiss cross trains on a mountain bike and said he finds both running and biking demand strict safety precautions.

Colorado state law dictates that runners on the road face traffic and cyclists are to ride with the traffic.

"It's common sense, visibility-wise," Weiss said.

Nonetheless, he said he has more than once encountered a

motorist who appeared distracted.

"There have been times I've been forced to hit the ditch," he said.

Weiss participates in many running events, such as the Steamboat Marathon, a 26.2-mile run. The elite Steamboat Marathon draws people from all over the

United States, and was voted one of the top ten scenic marathons in the country by Runners magazine.

Weiss said he believes that the open, more unpopulated northwest area of Colorado is ideal for running and biking.

"I think it's beautiful," he said.


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