Just what the doctor ordered


A new insurance proposal that could help Moffat County residents get affordable health care insurance could be a shot in the arm for the area.

Rural communities, while often having an abundance of natural resources, wildlife, scenic landscapes and almost unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities, are often short on health care insurance options.

The situation has plagued the area for years, which has an obvious impact on the quality of health care individuals receive. It also impacts the bottom line of the hospital, which has to write off bad debt that goes unpaid because people can't afford to pay their bills.

With this new insurance plan offered by the Craig Chamber of Commerce, businesses will be able to attract more qualified workers, who may be lured by the area's natural amenities but may be turned off by the lack of insurance options because, as medical costs continue to climb and preventative medicine is seen as critical to one's quality of life, not having health insurance should not be an option.

We believe that the realization of an affordable health insurance plan will mean more people can spend more time appreciating the surroundings in which they live and less time worrying about getting the health care they

ultimately deserve.

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