We See D.C. program seeks new coordinator


The We See D.C. program, which has been part of the Moffat County School District since 1984, could be nearing an end if no one steps up to take control.

Jill Stacy, who has been the director of We See D.C. for 13 years, stepped down after the latest trip to the nation's capital.

"I have run my cycle," Stacey said.

She does not know who will take over the program, which has sent approximately 700 Moffat County young people and community members to the D.C. and Williamsburg, Va., area. But Stacy hopes that someone will be willing to take up the responsibility.

"It's always been done by a teacher but the program is not a part of the school system so anyone in the community could do it."

During the last trip, students from Moffat County were able to lay the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery on June 1. Also, they toured the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian Museums and the memorials among other


A meeting with U.S. Rep. Scott McInnes, R-Colo., and receiving a private tour of the Capitol building from his staff were highlights of the trip.

"This is really important (to the kids). It has given kids the opportunity to know themselves better," Stacy said.

For many of the children, this is the only time that they have been out of Colorado, according to Stacy. It is the first time these children have been to Denver, have been on an airplane or have been to a metropolitan area.

Susan Gregg, another teacher who was involved with the program until a couple years ago said, "It was a lot of work but it was also real worthwhile."

Gregg was responsible for fundraising, which included selling D.C. candy bars and a McDonald's breakfast that occurred once every year.

"The kids are ultimately responsible for raising the money," Gregg said, which came to around $1,200 to $1,300 per person by the time Gregg stepped down.

We See D.C. was started by a history teacher. In 1990, Stacy,

who has been teaching art at Craig Middle School since 1979, and Gregg, a physical education teacher, were trained and

took over control of the organization.

"Some people might find it weird that I was taking a historical trip but as an art teacher I found a lot of value in it," Stacy said.

Those who are interested in helping can call 824-3280,

Ext. 2200.

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