Putting a cork on liquor license violations


The Craig City Council is moving in the right direction regarding accountability when it comes to liquor license violations.
In February, employees at five businesses were cited for serving alcohol to minors and, since this rash of violations has occurred, city officials have begun to review the licensing process.
When violations such as serving alcohol to minors occurs, the employee, not the business, receives the citation.
But who should ultimately be held responsible, especially when it comes to the renewal of liquor licenses?
As was discussed at a council meeting this week, business owners should be required to come before the council and explain how these violations occurred and what action will be taken to ensure such infractions do not occur again before their liquor license renewal is approved.
Approval for license renewal has become something considered routine and it should be as long as there isn't a problem. But city officials and businesses owners must be ready to discuss any violations as soon as they occur.
We have the resources in the community through Grand Futures Prevention Coalition to provide proper training to employees and that should be a mandatory requirement for the issuance or the renewal of a liquor license.
We believe that by working together, we can keep these violations at a minimum, which will make for a safer and healthier community.

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