Craig man establishes fund for animals, transients


To the Editor:

It's not often that a man in his late 30s gains a second set of parents. I met John Taylor Frary in 1988 when I first passed through Craig, which I picked to avoid interstates. I was hitchhiking from the Rockies to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. John was a priest's name in a phone book -- a man who did and still does try to live his faith. This is something I'm sure brought me back to Craig regularly until I decided to make the town my retirement location. I turned 50 years old recently. John is 83, I believe.

For the time I've know him through repeated personal losses -- family and beloved pets -- personal sorrow and mental hardship, he has never been too busy or burdened to listen or try to address my problems.

John left Craig permanently on April 23, returning only to collect his personal belongings. Afterward, if he lives and barring the interval between, he and I will only communicate by mail in my limited way.

This is my testimonial to a man larger than life in most respects -- a man who should have been, but wasn't defeated by life for most of 13 years. I shared virtually my life with this kindred spirit. I buried two of his cats, Pixie and Smokey. I missed the demise of Mitzy, his dog before Lucky. I heard the details of his life, probably shared a few and attended his wife's funeral. John could be exasperating, but then, I'm not thrilled with myself perpetually either.

You can't talk about John without a mention of his love of cats. The two remaining ones are Shadow Cat and Inky II, but I'd also like to mention Little Golden, who was killed by a car before John came to Craig and Puff, whom I don't recall ever meeting. Smokey was a 14-year-old Maine coon cat who died of natural causes about two weeks ago.

That makes three cats and a dog buried in his yard.

One of the purposes of this testimonial is to try and establish the John Taylor Frary Memorial Discretionary Fund to be administered by Pastor Beryl Wright of the First Christian Church. All donations will hopefully be allotted to homeless animals or transients, such as I have been. All donations should be by check payable to the John Taylor Frary Memorial Discretionary Fund.

Donations for homeless animals should be made to the Humane Society of Moffat County or High Country Veterinary Clinic.

Tony Lumen,


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